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Mature content
A Teacher Fantasy :icontanya-89:tanya-89 67 9
Booty Call by cherry-poke
Mature content
Booty Call :iconcherry-poke:cherry-poke 111 23
RendezvousCh.5.5END by cherry-poke
Mature content
RendezvousCh.5.5END :iconcherry-poke:cherry-poke 20 5
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RendezvousCh.4 :iconcherry-poke:cherry-poke 17 6
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RendezvousCh.1.5 by cherry-poke
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RendezvousCh.1.5 :iconcherry-poke:cherry-poke 16 4
RendezvousCh.1 by cherry-poke
Mature content
RendezvousCh.1 :iconcherry-poke:cherry-poke 35 14
Commission : Burning love ( SmexyXStriperella ) by Spin-chan
Mature content
Commission : Burning love ( SmexyXStriperella ) :iconspin-chan:Spin-chan 127 91
Offenderman by JaneZam Offenderman :iconjanezam:JaneZam 393 96
Mature content
Loki X Reader-Made To Be Ruled :iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 461 166
Mature content
The Princess and the Barbarian King (smut alert) :icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 233 78
Unplanned Visit Loki x Reader Part 2
How I was tempted to scream for Mom in that very moment, but I all could do was whisper her name under my breath. A whisper that did not escape Loki's ears. A wave of doubt washed over his face, as if the thought of dealing with another petty Midgardian seemed too much to handle, as if his abilities really were faltering.
I didn't know what I wanted to happen next. As terrifying as the prospect was to be undiscovered, so was the thought of my mother getting involved with this delusional intruder. She surely knew I was home; my car was currently parked in the driveway. But she made no efforts to communicate, probably assuming I was already cooped up in my room, in my own little world. But oh, was she wrong, and I didn't know if I should be grateful or not.
Covering my mouth with his free hand, Loki pulled the two of us back into my room, all the while giving me the death glare. He then released my hands, but simultaneously tightened his grip over my face, a grip more than adequate enoug
:iconlimepai:Limepai 21 7
Text [Loki x Reader]
Please don't read this if you're already rolling your eyes at the title.
I'm going to go crawl under a rock now and deny my love for Loki.

Your eyes started stinging, but didn't threaten to leak. You were tired of that sensation, and sick of it; it made you want to throw your phone across the room.
You sniffed, focusing your attention on the movie you were watching, the TV the only source of light in the room at this hour of the night.
"You seem distraught," said a low voice behind your chair, laden with condescending certainty; which you read as pity.
"I told you to leave me alone," you growled, not bothering even to glare at the Norse god peering over your shoulder.
A slender hand grabbed your phone out of your lap. "Um, hey! That's mine!"
You turned around to see Loki pondering over the messages on your phone reflecting in his green eyes. He didn't have a trace of a smirk on his face, though he still held a sense of arrogance in the way he stood, the flourish with wh
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 842 336
Firework [Loki x Reader(45)]
You woke up lazily, grinning and tangled in the sheets. The thoughts of last night made you blush and tingle. You cuddled the sheets around your naked body and tried to recall everything, getting stuck and blushing at some particularly explicit memories. Just thinking about it was getting you excited again, but you resisted the urge to take care of the problem alone and instead woke Loki with a lingering kiss.
His eyes flickered open and you closed yours, letting him wrap his arms around you. He massaged his hands over your bare skin, not shying away from your more private regions, which caused you to squirm and tingle.
"Mmh, god I'm so lucky," he groaned, running his hands up and down your back.
"I think I'm luckier," you sighed, resting your head on his chest. You were perfectly content to just lay there, or have sex again, but all of a sudden a sharp pain stabbed your stomach, followed by a loud growl. "Damn I'm so long were we asleep?"
"Tch, beats me. It's the U
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 484 577
Ivy's Smut Writing Tips
Ivy's Smut Tip's
In this piece of writing I will be explaining to all you lovely lot how I write my band slash sexy scenes. I know what your thinking 'Ewww Ivy but some of your smut is really detailed and I could never do that," Well the secret my dears is practice, once you overcome that wall of saying no I can't put this and that in my writing, people would think I'm sex craved! Once that's over you'll be surprised that you could write them banging each other with baseball bats...not recommended.
So let's start this shit then!
1.Setting the scene
In smut you obviously need a place or area where your two characters can romp to their hearts content. It's no fun if you just place them in a bed is it? That just takes all the imagination away just throwing them in a bed and saying 'Get to it' No my dears we do not do this.
To get you started I'm going to share my favourite little places to put my characters in;
-Tents, Underneath the moonlight with the stars shining in each others eyes as
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 200 70
Wesker screenshot by RedDevil00 Wesker screenshot :iconreddevil00:RedDevil00 228 39


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